I'm a designer working at the intersection of design, technology, and science, with a vision to liberate beauty in resource-constrained environments. 


My work considers how decentralized social networks, molecular communications and the increasing complexity in our world might self-assemble to change the future of what and why we make, how we view identity and the systems we harness to evolve our own humanity.


Every era has had its own aesthetics, its own codes. In my work, I seek to collaborate with scientists, engineers, artists, and other designers, to explore the possible 'codes' for a new era of bio-design and blockchain, as tools for creating reducible scales of beauty.

I lead the design and development of the Globalxplorer Antiquities Registry and am an alumn of Tachyon '18 at ConsenSys.  I also advise the TED Fellows and am an EIR at SOSV's dlab/emurgo accelerator.

I'm not much for posting on social streams (frankly, I'd rather be growing or building something), but you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn if you'd like to say hello.