"Adhocracy" is an exibition that unites over 60 projects by 120 designers from around the world, charting the migration of the epicentre of production from the factory floor back to the craftsman’s workshop.  Launched at the first Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012, the exhibition then toured to the LimeWharf in London and the New Museum in NYC for IDEAS CITY

Curation / Writing / Research

Blockchain, De-Centralized Innovation, Distributed Manufacturing, Crowd Production Chains, Velocity Phenomena

Joseph Grima, Head Curator.  I curated one of the largest exhibits within 'Adhocracy' on African Making, as well as organized and produced an Adhocracy workshop series, including "Hawkerology: a New Model for Distributed Design & Manufacturing", "Live Blackboard Blogging" w/ Liberia's Alfred Sirleaf, and "C-Stunners: Upcycled Eyewear" with artist Cyrus Kabiru.  


Additionally, I was a guest speaker in Istanbul, a Panelist at the New Museum's IDEA CITY, and a contributing writer to the Istanbul Design Biennial Catalogue and New City Reader.


IDEAS CITY: NYC 2013: Ad-Hoc Strategies Panel Discussion w/ Jennifer Wolfe


"HAWKEROLOGY" - the scientific study of the human body as a platform for personal manufacturing & distributed design.  By Jennifer Wolfe for MFA.