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Conductive Aso-Oke

Aso-Oke is a hand-loomed Nigerian fabric that has long been considered a ‘special occasion’ textile.
In this research project held at Maker Faire Africa 2012 in Lagos, myself and three Nigerian designers worked with Yoruba weavers to explore the addition of conductive materials into traditional Aso-Oke.  The project was featured at the New Museum as part of 'Adhocracy' the following year.


Conductive materials, wearable technology, fashion as data structure, African design

Our goal was to create a decidedly Nigerian textile for use in the emerging African fashion industry, while also creating opportunities to revitalize the Nigerian weaving industry for the thousands of skilled artisans across the country that were lacking employment due to a trend towards imported fabrics.


ASO-OKELECTRIC!  Workshop at MFA 2012: Lagos, Nigeria 

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