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Brandmark: Using Blockchain for Granular Carbon Tracking


Blockchain, Swarm Intelligence, Citizen Science, Carbon Emissions, Earth Ventures

A joint initiative between Emurgo & Blackbird, Brandmark Emissions Tracking discovers & connects hidden emissions data from across a supply chain to help companies quickly share granular sustainability stories in near real-time, with the highest possible accuracy.


Climate change matters to businesses because it first matters to all people.  So it is imperative that people are empowered to make informed decisions about issues rooted in science.  Yet we’ve come to believe that data science is the most crucial resource we have for understanding science.

But humans don’t communicate in data; we communicate with stories.  In fact, storytelling is arguably the defining characteristic of humans that sets us apart from the plants and animals we share our planet with and are tasked with protecting in our fight against climate change.  Stories have been used to pass on knowledge and strengthen social bonds since the earliest times of humanity’s existence.  Humans advanced–and continue to advance–because we are able to communicate in abstract terms about the world in which we live.

Too often ‘good but irrelevant’ data is turned into ‘even better but still irrelevant’ data analytics.  It can cost a company years of progress–and there is no time left for those corrections anymore.

Brandmark combines the traceability of blockchain with the engagement of storytelling for an intuitive understanding of granular measurements across a supply chain.

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