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Cryptocurrency for Makers

A decentralized currency for Makers that allows them to trade freely, quickly and securely for goods and services that support their work as inventors–especially those that stand to gain the most–the 'unbanked' across Africa. 


Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Maker Movement, Street Funding

I launched "Cryptocurrency for Makers" at Maker Faire Africa 2014 in Johannesburg, ZA.  I was joined by Simon de la Rouviere, Carel van Wyk, Jarryed Bekker, and Emeka Okafor, with MFA exhibiting makers in attendance. 


The group explored the merits of a decentralized currency, the incentive structures behind creating one, launch strategies for 'niche' communities, and the choke points that underly bringing digital currencies to the people who potentially stand to gain the most–the 'unbanked'.


After Bitcoin's rapid decline in the same month, I placed our launch plans on hold.  Silly me.


Maker Money Workshop at Maker Faire Africa 2014 Johannesburg:
How to fund a hardware project with cryptocurrency



"Should we make a cryptocurrency for Makers?" :  an interview with
Simon de la Rouviere at Maker Faire Africa 2014

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