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Pharaoh's Brain

Decentralized, self-organizing mobile design lab that utilizes the collective intelligence, opinions, and aesthetics of participants to produce derivative objects from ancient artifacts, which themselves can be collected and used to produce further derivatives.


Blockchain, Swarm Intelligence, Collective Aesthetics, Distributed Design, Crowd Producion Chains

Participants are connected to the 'collective brain' via smartphones and tablets. Through a real-time feedback mechanism, the app produces questions, choices, evaluations and predictions that allow the group to produce collective ideas and eventually final designs.  A 'Virtual Pharaoh' and other ancient personalities are included as random participants, gaming the sessions with historically accurate data, facts, etc. to help guide the design outcomes. 

Collectors can then patron the new derivative objects.


Additionally, Smart Contracts execute token transactions when the participants hit predictions of targets for Swarm Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration–the framework for collective productivity.  Individual participants are rewarded with tokens when they increase their Swarm Intelligence Quotient (SIQ).  

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