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Blockchain UX Design

You need to get ruthless, bro.

  • 50 minutes
  • Single Team Session
  • We can Skype, Zoom or Hangout together

Service Description

Feel stuck on your UX design?  It's okay, it's common. Founders are usually experts in their industry, which makes it impossible for them to maintain the same objective view of their product that a user has. At its core, a good blockchain UX is no different than any UX– it should be easy to understand, radically simple to use and solve real-world problems.  However, you've got additional issues of transparency, barriers to entry, and the need to balance added security with increased friction for the user.  If you can master these, it will significantly boost your traction and excite investors with your ability to build a product that's useable in the mainstream.   If you need help figuring out how to deal with that 'thick layer of complexity' that is blockchain or just want feedback on your UX/UI design, reach out and book a session.   TIP:  Good UX design requires research and testing, so go get going early on this!  Also, it's best to evaluate your UX ideas when they're still on napkins, so to speak.  And, if you think you need a designer on your team, let me know and I can help you find one.

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