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Bring Your Demo Some LIFE.

A great Demo is a lot like a great Snapchat.

  • 50 minutes
  • Single Team Session
  • We can Skype, Zoom or Hangout together

Service Description

Demos are hard.  In part, because they're so ephemeral.  (Mine has changed 11 times since my pitch day.)  Just like Snapchat, they're essentially a 'live story' and they're only available to the viewer for a short time before they become inaccessible. But this temporary nature can work to your advantage with investors because it can encourage more interaction. For starters, if your demo is memorable, they'll be left wishing they could see it again.  And, if every time you share a 'live story' of your product, it provides evidence from a different angle or covers a different subject you will encourage higher engagement because 1.) you're keeping things interesting and, 2.) you seem to be revealing a larger plot to your story.  Plus, an archive of evolving demos goes a long way in demonstrating to a potential investor just how far you've come in a short time–in a way it's impossible to capture in just a conversation. When I approach designing a demo, I first list out nine (9) features that I know my roadmap can support over the next 6 months.  Then I divide those up into three different planned demos that all support my larger 'plot' from different angles.  The next step is obvious, right?  I focus on three remarkable things the product does really, really well right now–and because I'm already preparing for my second demo to be released right after, I don't have to obsess about packing absolutely every detail into my first one.  And I aim for clarity and brevity, above everything else. A final tip:  Investors care less about the details of how your technology actually works, and more about whether 1.) you have a viable product, 2.) it fills a known gap, 3.) people will soon be going wild for it, and 4.) it's inherently difficult for anyone else to build. If you want help approaching your demo as a 'live story', OR if you're feeling uncertain about which of your product features your demo should include, OR you simply need help to decide on the best format for your demo (screenshots, prototype, video, live demo), OR you need feedback on how to organize your next steps for production, book some time with me. Or you can Snapchat me at designlemon.

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