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Voice + Presence

3 Easy Techniques to Capture Listeners

  • 40 minutes
  • Single Team Session
  • We can Skype, Zoom or Hangout together

Service Description

Did you know that 93% of our communication is non-verbal (vocal delivery and body language) and only 7% through the actual words we say? Our vocal delivery is vital to bringing our words to life and capturing a listener's attention. It’s like the lighting in a product photo–different materials require different lighting techniques. The same is true for using your words to 'light up' different elements in your pitch (be it on stage or on the phone). There are 3 simple techniques you can use to increase audience engagement and–bonus–they will improve your confidence and help you feel at ease, too: Volume, Speed & Pitch. (At TED, we also love the art of a good pause.) If you'd like to work on your vocal delivery by learning more about how you can apply these techniques, then schedule... a session with me.

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