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3 Chairs

'3 Chairs' is a blockchain-enabled app that tracks the objects you acquire and analyzes them three ways– their aesthetic value, material value, and economic value to society.  We track your Aesthetic Choices, Material Intelligence, and your Consumption Rate of Objects, then analyze your consumer profile and offer recommendations that can help you save money on the objects you purchase, gain more satisfaction out of the objects you own, and offer public investment into your curated collections of objects.


Material Intelligence, Collective Aesthetics, Decentralized Consumption

Similar to a credit score but for consumption habits, a participant's score follows them as they purchase objects, matching products–and prices– to their personal habits.


The higher your material intelligence, the lower the prices you pay.  The higher your consumption habits, the higher the prices you pay.  Sellers cannot see your personal information, but they can see your score, habits and consumer values, and send you offers accordingly.

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